Good Coding Standard

This week Apple released a critical update on their mobile operating system, iOS for fixing an error in their implementation their SSL. Some people is starting to do some research about Apple’s libssl implementation. By looking at source code, they found an interesting part of code, which lead to the bug. You can see the detail in the image below.

Apple libSSL implementation

One thing to take away from this accident is the importance of having good coding standards. Using tools like Sonar Qube or Checkstyle, you can perform inspection to your code to see which part unsuitable with the coding standard defined. I must admit that sometimes, having a coding standard is a pain, but it will forestall the future incident like Apple had. You can combine previous tools with Findbugs. Findbugs will perform some analysis to find possible bug in your code. You can run those tools via your IDEs or command line tools. By applying this practice, I find we can evade unnecessary work in the future, and can spend time to truly developing next enhancement for our services.

– Fin

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