About Me

[Update: 28 September 2014]

Hello every one!, Welcome to my weblog. Below are some personal details of me.

My name is Rakhmad Azhari, my friends often called me mato,  I am a graduate student in Graduate Program in Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia. I can describe myself as A FOSS Fan :-D. Currently, I am working at Samsung Research Centre Indonesia or SRIN for short. I develop backend powering our services, such as Salaam, Samsung Champions, and Samsung Galaxy Gift Indonesia. At the moment, I am learning to be a DevOps engineer, learning some administration tools such as ansible, docker, and other deployment tools.

I have a strong commitment to use FOSS in my computing activities, or using a legal proprietary software. I learned that I have a lot thoughts came in my mind, but I am too lazy to write it down. So, here I am, forcing myself to write through blogging 🙂

Right now I am a heavy user of Apple products, loves and advocates people to use them :-). I usually develop using JavaPython and Ruby. I love my family, my wife, and at last my gadgets. 😀

And off course a loyal Manchester United fans 😀

Hope you enjoy reading my weblog.

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