Keyboard Cover for iPad

Today I bought a new accessory for my iPad, a Bluetooth keyboard. I chose Logitech Ultrathin Cover for iPad Air. Mainly because it is very thin (as the name sung), and it has a very good keyboard keys.

I read reviews in some sites and they are pointing this keyboard keys configuration as the main advantages of this keyboard. Many other keyboard cover tries too hard, they had some extra keys for mimicking the iPad touch screen function, but it makes the button smaller and harder to type on. I don’t want those to happen. I just want a keyboard for my iPad so I can write faster and become more productive than using virtual keyboard.

Eventhough the box said that it was made special for the latest iPad, I have been using it in my original iPad (as like now) and my iPhone, both of them can connect without any hassle. The only quirk I got though is I am not certain that my keyboard is connected, because the indicator lamp sometimes goes off.

So why a keyboard cover? Basicly, I want to use my iPad in a more productive manner. I want to use it as my development machine as well my blogging environment. The latest iPad Air, with 64-bit capability is more than capable for doing some bacis stuff and with so many new productivity apps out there, I just want to try them on.

The other advantages of using keyboard cover, especially on iOS 7, is the keyboard shortcut support. In some application, such as Byword, which I use for writing this blog post, you can use shortcut like CMD+B for creating bold text easily. This capability is very helpful and gives you feel that the iPad can finally replace your laptop.